Before becoming a Professional DJ, I spent most of my time behind the mic as a Voice Over artist working on various commercials and as the original PA Announcer for the Atlanta Thrashers (1999-2004).


When the NHL missed a season because they were on strike, I started looking around for alternate night time work. Having been an amateur DJ in the past (for camps, private parties and other events) I decided to try my hand at going pro. I worked with a large entertainment company to learn the trade and liked DJing so much, I didn’t go back to sports announcing.


Having been raised in a musical family as a singer, I understand the importance of having the right music for your event. I also use that knowledge to read the crowd to make sure you are getting what you want.

Just as important to me is finding out what you Don’t want. Some groups really like the chicken dance or the electric slide, but other would skin me alive for playing those songs. Ultimately my goal is always to help you find the right music to set the mood you are trying to create.