Do you have clean versions of popular songs?

I make a lot of effort to make sure that I have radio edits and cleaned versions of any questionable songs.


Are you all digital?

I use a combination of CDs and Mp3s. That gives me more flexibility on transitions and faster reaction times to requests.


Does the price include set up and breakdown time?

Yes, you only pay for the time I am playing. Set up and breakdown are not added on.


Can I add time the night of?

Yes, if the party is going strong and the venue will let us, we can keep going at the normal rate.


I was thinking about an IPOD wedding…can you do that for us?

If you want to only rent the sound equipment we can arrange for that, but think about all that's involved with doing music for a wedding.

You'll need someone to load in and install the equipment - someone who knows about sound and setting levels. You will also need someone to announce the wedding party and address the crowd while co-ordinating with the caterer and photographer to make sure everything is running smoothly.

As the evening progresses it is also good to have someone in charge of the volume/songlist as the wedding unfolds. They will either change up the songs to match the mood or protect the playlist from "Crazy Uncle" because belive me....people will mess with your playlist - even at your wedding!


It seems that the person you would need is a Professional DJ!

For the price you would pay just for the sound gear at some places, you can have a professional handle all of those details with experience and skill.


I heard about a friends wedding where their first dance skipped!

Because of the individual tastes of each client, I always burn a fresh CD of the key songs for your wedding. I also have the songs quickly reachable on my laptop to make sure your song play when it should.