Would recommend to EVERYONE!

I used Christie Studio Sound for my wedding and it was perfect. Carl Christie was extremely helpful and thorough. All music from the beginning of the ceremony to the very end of the reception was fabulous, probably because Carl followed my requests to a T. The ceremony was especially nice as we had some critical timing demands with the music. Everything was carried out flawlessly! Carl is a gentlemen and very professional. Was definitely one of the best parts of the wedding! (And he won't try to sneak in "The Chicken Dance" mid party. Unless of course, you're into that type of thing.)


Carl Rocks and Rolls!

Carl was very attentive and open to our ideas, but best of all he helped us come up with some fabulous songs for key dances at our wedding. He really knew how to read the crowd, and the dance floor was busy. I would recommend him to anyone needing a DJ for any kind of party. Carl rocks!


Sometimes we DJs get called upon to fill-in for a colleague at the last minute. This is the unsolicited feedback sent from the Bride:

Carl Christie came in place of Ben and he kindly introduced himself before we entered the reception and even verified pronunciation of names. He had my requests (I wanted everyone to join us for 1st dance after 1st chorus) ready to go and although I chose very few songs beforehand he did an excellent job of deriving our tastes from them. He was awesome with the timeline and things couldn't have gone smoother. Thanks for a wonderful experience.


More unsolicited e-mail:

Hi Carl –I wanted to express my appreciation for the phenomenal job that you did on our wedding.  We would love to write a testimonial for your website if you would like.  Jason and I would love to do that for you.  Thank you for making us the CD’s as well, it’s been so nice listening to those since we got back and such great memories to re-live as we listen :-) !

Thanks again for everything!


Carl – I can’t tell you how much we loved you DJing – the kids said it was the best party of the year (including last year!)

FROM C. Stevens (after a 16th Birthday Party)


Dear Carl – We are all still basking in the joy of our blessed event.  These photo booth pictures are just too precious for words and were/are such a hit.  You and your wife helped make the whole event a complete success.  I appreciate everything down to the tiniest details you both sweated:  from pre-party planning and building the screen in the sanctuary all the way to managing difficult song-change-requests.  I do not know why anyone would ever hire any other DJ in the world. 

Thank you and sincerely,

-Liz H.


Hey there!

   I never got a chance to tell you thank you so much for the work you did at our wedding. The music was perfect and everything was seamless and we were just over the moon. If anyone needs a DJ recommendation, I'll def give them your name. Thanks Carl! I hope you are doing well!


Annie H.